New for 2020 is a nationwide series with 50 qualifying events for the overall prizes at the end of the year!

How does it work?

By riding any of the events in the list below you will be automatically entered into the Road Bike TT National Series rankings.
You score points by finishing in the top 10 men/top 10 women at an open event, or top 12 men/top 12 women at the Road Bike Championships on May 10th , with the following points awarded (open/Road Bike Champs):

Position Open Champs
1 1000 1500
2 750 1250
3 500 1000
4 400 750
5 350 500
6 300 400
7 250 350
8 200 300
9 150 250
10 100 200
11 0 150
12 0 100

In order to qualify for a final ranking you will need to ride 6 qualifying events. In the event of an overall tie for points, placing from the Road Bike Champs on May 10th will determine the overall winner, followed if necessary by a count back system on any extra qualifying events that have been ridden.



The male and female winners of every single open event on this list will win a £15 AeroCoach voucher, which is redeemable in the AeroCoach store (simply order as normal and make a note of your event win at checkout - including the event name/date - and the £15 will be refunded).

The overall prize for the male and female winners of the series is a £400 AeroCoach voucher!

There are also £100 voucher prizes for the overall winning male/female vets (40+), and male/female juniors!

Remember - it is 6 counting events to qualify, and your best 6 point scores will count for the overall standings. After the final event in September the results will be collated and the winners announced!

What are the road bike regulations?

The aim of this series is to be as inclusive as possible, and so have as few restrictions on bikes as we can. However, the individual event regulations for road bikes may differ from event to event. These are down to the hardworking organisers, and they must be followed for acceptance into the series - so read the start sheets carefully!

In general, we have found the following to be a good guide, and these are the rules that many of the events below will follow:

1. No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions can be used
2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times whilst racing (ie. not with forearms resting on the handlebar)
3. Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes each, and have a maximum rim depth of 90mm
4. Helmets must have no visor
5. Ears must not be covered by the helmet (Giro Aerohead helmets are not permitted)

PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK START SHEETS - especially around wheel depth as some organisers limit wheel depth to <90mm.


You can use the links below to click on the events and find out further details on the CTT website. If you haven't ridden an Open Event before, you will need to create an account on the CTT website before entering. 

Any questions about the series please just let us know - we will be updating our Facebook page HERE with series standings (as well as this website - so make sure you bookmark it!), and good luck and enjoy the season!

29 February Sotonia CC Leg Loosener (Sporting)(Road bikes)(STTS) P183a 14.8 miles
14 March West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Club (Road Bikes Only) bs31 21 miles
15 March Tornado Road Cycling Club (Sporting 10)(Road Bikes)(Spring Cup) P164 10 miles
21 March Cardiff Ajax CC (Road Bikes, aero restrictions) R10/16a 10 miles
28 March Birdwell Wheelers (Road Bikes Only) (Entries close 18/03/20)(Cheques payable to P Heggie) o10/1 10 miles
28 March Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club (Road bikes)(STTS) p829/a 10 miles
11 April Brighton Mitre CC (hilly)(Road Bikes) g10/44 10 miles
13 April (B) Brighton Mitre CC (hilly)(Road Bikes) gs/999 25 miles
18 April Velo Club Godalming and Haslemere (Sporting)(Road Bikes) g10/45 10 miles
19 April Blaydon CC (Road bikes only) m101 10 miles
19 April Welsh CA (Hilly) (Celtic Series Opener) (Road Bikes, aero restrictions) RS/22X 35 miles
26 April (B) Cleveland Whs CC (Hilly)(incl Road Bike Category) t256 25 miles
02 May Rossington Wheelers (road bikes only) (Entries close 23/04/2020) o25/11 25 miles
09 May Redmon CC (Road Bikes) g10/42 10 miles
10 May AeroCoach (Men)(AeroCoach Road Bike Champs) (Road bikes only) k33/10s 10 miles
10 May AeroCoach (Women)(Road Bike Champs) (Road bikes only) k33/10s 10 miles
16 May (B) Bike~Pace (Road bikes only: aero restrictions) (entries close 08/05/20) R50/1 50 miles
17 May VTTA (North)/Hartlepool CC (All Ages)(incl Road Bike Category)(Cheques to Hartlepool CC) T107 10 miles
24 May (B) Bynea CC (Road Bikes only, aero restrictions) r25/4 25 miles
25 May Brighton Mitre CC (road bikes)(max 150 riders 7 events) g10/97 10 miles
30 May Kingston Wheelers CC (Road Bikes) g10/42 10 miles
30 May Liverpool Century RC (road bikes, no aero equipment, no aero clothing) D10/1 10 miles
07 June Leicestershire RC (No Tri-Bars or TT Machines)(Closing date 25/05/20) AH/1 27.2 miles
10 June Common Lane Occasionals (Juniors)(road bikes only) (Entries close 31/05/2020) o12c 12 miles
10 June Common Lane Occasionals (Juveniles)(road bikes only) (Entries close 31/05/2020) o12c 12 miles
10 June Common Lane Occasionals (road bikes only) (Entries close 31/05/2020) o12c 12 miles
14 June (B) West Wales Cyclists' League (Road Bikes only, no aero equipt, no tri bars, no aero helmets) (entries close 05/06/20) R100/1 100 miles
14 June (B) Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club (road bikes only) h25/17 25 miles
17 June Peak RC (road bikes only) (Entries close 12/06/20) o17/c 17.2 miles
25 June (Road Bikes only, no aero equipt, no tri bars, no aero helmet)(chq to M Heritage-Owen) (Celtic Series No 4) R10/17 10 miles
28 June Towy Riders CC (Celtic Series No 5) (entries close 19/6/20) Road bikes only, aero restrictions. rs/20 19.5 miles
05 July (B) Welsh CA (Road Bikes only, no aero equipt, no tri bars, no aero helmets) R100/9 100 miles
07 July Port Talbot Whs CC (Celtic Series No 7) Road Bikes Aero restrictions RS/24 13 miles
11 July Ross-on-Wye & Dist CC (Road Bikes only, no aero equipt no tri bars no aero helmet) (180 riders in 3 events) R10/17 10 miles
18 July Rossington Wheelers (road bikes only) (Entries close 9/07/2020) o10/1 10 miles
25 July Rugby Racing Cycling Club (Road Bikes)(30 riders) k11/10t 10 miles
01 August Darlington CC (Sporting Course)(incl Road Bike Category) t103 10 miles
01 August Virtual CC (Road Bikes only, aero restrictions) (150 riders) R10/17 10 miles
09 August (B) Cleveland Coureurs / VTTA (North)(All Ages)(Inc Teesside District Championship)(Incl Road Bike Category)(Cheques to G Russell)(Entries close 31/07/20) t252/3 25 miles
09 August Aylesbury CC (road bikes - no aerobars - no disc wheels) hcc178 10 miles
22 August Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club (road bikes only) h10/17r 10 miles
29 August Rutland CC (road bikes only) (cheques payable to J Le Sage) o10/1 10 miles
29 August Sussex CA (Road bikes only) g10/45 10 miles
30 August (B) Welsh CA (road bikes only, no aero equp, no tri bars, no aero helmets) R12/16 0 miles
31 August (B) Sussex CA (Road Bikes) g25/49 25 miles
05 September Common Lane Occasionals (road bikes only)(cheques payable to P Laud) o10/1 10 miles
05 September Utag RT (Road bikes)(180 riders max three events) p881r 10 miles
06 September CC Weymouth (18m Hilly)(Road Bikes) P451/18C 18 miles
20 September (Road Bikes only, aero restrictions) (chqs to M Heritage-Owen) RS/23 20.5 miles
26 September Kettering CC (Road Bikes only) n3/10c 10 miles