Here is a step by step guide to setting up your tyres tubeless on an AEOX wheel. In these instructions we'll be using a Vittoria Corsa Speed 23mm tyre along with a Zefal tubeless kit, our recommended combination for AEOX wheels.

In the picture to the left you can see the rim tape, tubeless valve, valve tool, sealant and sealant pipe, with the Corsa Speed tyre at the top. 


Push the valve firmly through the small hole in the rim tape, making sure you poke through the side where the rim tape says "Outside".


Pull the rim tape down to the very bottom of the valve. Make sure there are no gaps as this would cause sealant to escape.

Put the valve through the valve hole in the rim, and then tighten with the locking nut.

Run the rim tape all around the rim bed - make sure that it's evenly stretched all the way around and doesn't pull inwards at any point. The rim tape should completely fill the rim bed at all points as shown.

Mounting the first half of the tyre - use a tyre lever and work the tyre into the rim bed. Make sure the rim tape doesn't become dislodged whilst mounting, and once the first half of the bead is on recheck the rim tape to be sure.

Mounting the rest of the tyre - start at the valve and work your way around the rim using a tyre lever, again making sure the rim tape doesn't become dislodged. Tubeless tyres are a tight fit to ensure there is a good seal, whilst mounting you should ensure that the tyre beads are in the centre of the rim bed at all times as this will help. The very last part of the tyre may require two tyre levers rather than one - whilst mounting the very end of the bead onto the rim use one hand to stop the bead from chasing around the edge of the rim, as shown below with the left hand.

Again check the rim tape is seated correctly all the way around by squeezing the tyre.

Next, take the sealant bottle and mount the sealant pipe.

Remove the valve core using the valve tool and attach the sealant pipe firmly onto the valve. Hold the bottle and valve parallel with the ground and squirt in around 50ml of sealant. The sealant will drop to the bottom of the rim, if there are any blockages then hold the valve at 12 o'clock and give a short squeeze to clear.

Replace the valve core and pump up the wheel! Pump up to 100psi to start - if the tyre bead hasn't seated all the way around then you can pump up to 115psi and then leave the tyre to seat naturally.

It's normal at this stage for small bubbles of sealant to appear at the rim edge at some points - this just means the sealant hasn't filled those areas correctly so you need to rotate the wheel and flip it over occasionally to ensure that the sealant makes its way evenly around the tyre. 

You now have a full tubeless setup, happy riding!