AeroCoach angled spacers for aerobars

£ 13.50 incl. tax*

AeroCoach 3D printed angled spacers are designed for increased comfort with higher hand positions - including angled washers to ensure that bolt heads have maximum contact area with your arm rests.

Two bolt options are available - the most common type are the standard spacers for bolts that are spaced inline with the extension (ie the same plane as the top tube). Horizontal spacers are only needed for bolts that follow the same plane as the base bar: this includes but is not limited to Trek/Bontrager, Profile Design (including Scott), Specialized Shiv Tri (not TT) and others. Please remove your arm rests to check bolt location and whether you require horizontal or standard spacers. 

These can be used with both Align Wing arm rests as well as other manufacturers. Please note that flat headed (not tapered or V headed) bolts must be used with the angled washers.

* Based on residence in United Kingdom. Tax rates for other countries will be calculated at the checkout. Price exclusive of tax: £ 11.25.