AeroCoach AEOX™ tubeless road disc wheel

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The AeroCoach AEOX™ tubeless disc provides exceptional aerodynamics and performance in an affordable and UK made solution. With excellent lateral stiffness, it is built with high impact polystyrene polymer sides, with a custom hub and 24 internal spokes for improved comfort over solid construction wheels. Our advances in polymer technology and manufacturing have helped reduce cost for no impact to performance. 


CFD, track and real world optimised, the AEOX™ disc is the most aerodynamic tubeless disc available. The drive side and non drive sides have been shaped to reflect differing airflow and interactions between frames and cassettes, and the wheel has been specifically designed to interact with the fastest clincher tyre on the market - Vittoria's Corsa Speed, as well as being 100% compatible with all other clincher/tubeless tyres. We recommend the use of 23mm tyres as they will spread out to match the external rim width and will perform best aerodynamically.


This graph shows wind tunnel data comparing the AEOX disc against a Zipp Super 9 and HED Jet+, all mounted with a 23mm Vittoria Corsa Speed tyre inflated to 90psi. Test speed was 45kph.



The AEOX™ disc is compatible with Shimano and SRAM 11 & 10 speed cassettes. For tubeless conversions we recommend the Zefal tubeless kit (with 40-45ml of sealant) in combination with a Vittoria Corsa Speed 23mm tyre, which can be purchased with the wheel, along with a padded wheelbag if necessary (skewer is not included). Please check compatibility with the non drive side chainstay of your bike using the graph below, showing the location of the outer shell. You should ensure there is 1.5-2mm of clearance at the specified locations. Please note that tubeless tyres must be set up by a professional cycling mechanic.


Weight: 1400g±50g
Shell material: High Impact Polystyrene Polymer (HIPS)
Rim width external: 24.7mm
Rim width internal: 19.6mm
Recommended nominal tyre width: 23mm
Actual tyre spread (Vittoria Corsa Speed 23mm @ 95psi): 25.4mm
Weight limit: 100kg
Rim dimensions: see below, all measurements in mm to centreline of wheel from top of brake track


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