The AeroCoach Road Bike Contest is a CTT Type B event taking place on the K41/10 10 mile course in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The race starts at 10am, with sign on at 9am.

Using road bike rules there are big cash prizes to be won for both individuals and teams!

Also prizes for juniors (male/female)

Team prize is two male riders and one female

Rules are as follows, and bikes will be checked on the start line:

 1. No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions can be used
 2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times whilst racing (ie. not with forearms resting on the handlebar)
 3. Legs must only be covered to mid calf
 4. Wheels may have no more than 90mm depth and must have at least 12 spokes
 5. Helmets must have no visor
 6. Ears must not be covered by the helmet

In addition, the use of a Giro Aerohead helmet will not be permitted. There will be spotters out on course to enforce rule 2.

After filling in the name registration form below you will receive an email before the day with final information. Prizes will be given out immediately following the final riders. There may be limited spaces available on the day, please check this page for final updates!


1 Rob West AeroCoach 00:22:22 1st Man
2 Andy Jackson AeroCoach 00:22:23 =2nd Man
3 John Lucock Born to Bike RT 00:22:23 =2nd Man
4 James Chapman Team PB Performance 00:22:33
5 Paul Cox 00:22:37
6 Daniel Watts Royal Air Force CA 00:22:43
7 Jack O'Neill Team Jewson MI Racing Polypipe 00:22:48
8 Andrew Robbins AeroCoach 00:23:07
9 Phil Whiteley Worcester St Johns CC 00:23:53
10 Darren Rider Team PB Performance 00:23:59 1st Junior
11 Craig Mckee Team Jewson MI Racing Polypipe 00:24:04
12 Przemyslaw Kozak RLSCC 00:24:07
13 George Galbraith <> 00:24:21
14 Dave Elliott Rugby Racing 00:24:33
15 Emily Meakin Fusion Veloperformance RT 00:24:47 1st Woman
16 Martin Davis Beacon RCC 00:24:49
17 Callum Broster Coalville Wheelers 00:25:04
18 Thomas Southey University of Nottingham CC 00:25:04
19 John Herring Leamington C&AC 00:25:06
20 Roger Cutler Beacon RCC 00:25:23
21 Courtney Blockley-Campton Lutterworth CRT 00:25:23
22 Peter Draper Hinckley CRC 00:25:29
23 Ian Watts Cotswold Veldrijen 00:25:44
24 Nathan Bate South Pennine Road Club 00:25:45
25 Phil Clark Rugby Velo 00:25:53
26 Lucy Nell Royal Air Force CA 00:26:00 2nd Woman
27 Gemma Johnson Beacon RCC 00:26:14 3rd Woman
28 Phil Scott Rugby Racing 00:26:33
29 Anthony Hayman Coalville Wheelers 00:26:49
30 Timothy Cadd Leamington C&AC 00:26:50
31 Kevin Lister Kenilworth Wheelers CC 00:26:57
32 Lindsay Newman Team Jewson MI Racing Polypipe 00:26:58
33 Jennifer Doyle Kenilworth Wheelers CC 00:27:12
34 Sonya Tate Team PB Performance 00:27:18
35 Emily Kate Walton Beeston CC 00:27:51
36 Tessa Sandberg Beacon RCC 00:28:10
37 Kian Traynor Welland Valley CC 00:28:48
38 Steve Price Retro Racing 00:28:51
39 Heather Douglas Beeston CC 00:29:54
40 Stephen Cooke Walsall Roads CC 00:29:59
41 Nicola Traynor Welland Valley CC 00:30:57
42 Dawn Hayman Coalville Wheelers 00:32:57