ATS® & product design

AeroCoach works with a number of different manufacturers on the implementation of ATS® technology and also the creation of new and innovative products. ATS® is the integration of raised seams and shapes in order to improve the airflow of streamlined and bluff bodies (such as riders).

With our in-house low speed wind tunnel, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) & 3D printing capabilities we are able to create and test products both in the real world and simulated for precise airflow analysis. 

In particular we have an exclusive range of clothing with Nopinz - head over to to see the range of skinsuits, trisuits and aero accessories on offer!

If you would like to make use of our product design and analysis services then do get in touch using our Product Design contact form below.


Nopinz/AeroCoach ATS tripsuit

Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships, National Championships - this revolutionary suit has won events, medals and set records at all stages of competition. Read about the development of the Tripsuit HERE

AeroCoach ARC chainring

The worlds first 1x specific noncircular time trial chainring. Setting national records in the UK and abroad.

AeroCoach Axis saddle

Performance and comfort in a TT/triathlon specific saddle over 100g lighter than other options. Low stack height and multiple rail material/colour options.

AeroCoach Align arm rests

Stability and adjustability in a universally compatible, high sided armrest. To ensure you can keep your aero position effectively, for longer.

AeroCoach Accelerate chains with CustomBlue

High performance waxed chains with extensively tested proprietary coating. Improving drivetrain efficiency and race speed.

3D scanning and prototyping

CFD and real world wind tunnel analysis for custom components and one off projects.