How does it work?


AeroCoach offers 2hr velodrome test sessions, either paired (2 riders) or solo (1 rider). The amount of data collected in a paired session is not half that of a solo session however, as adjustments to the bicycle are done whilst the other paired rider is on track.

For indoor sessions, the Alphamantis Track Aero System enables us to live track your aerodynamic drag (CdA) and gives instant feedback as to whether different positions or equipment changes are faster or slower. Outdoor sessions are completed with a data analyst track side, evaluating your data using custom environmental sensors as changes are made to you and the bike. 

When you arrive at the velodrome you have a briefing with the test analyst and track officer before getting on track and starting your warm up. There's no need to worry if you've not ridden track before! Many riders coming to AeroCoach sessions are new to the track but the process is very simple and you don't ever ride high up the banking.

Data collection

During the course of the session you complete a number of runs - each run consists of laps of the track where we have changed something about your equipment or position. For example we may change your aero helmet, or make an adjustment to your saddle or handlebars. Each run will provide us with data that is compared to your starting position to see how the change has affected your aerodynamic drag.

The goal of the session is to get you into a faster position with the best equipment setup - this is not always the position that results in the lowest aerodynamic drag. We have lots of experience with hundreds of riders and know that power production is key, not just a super low CdA.

At the end of the session you have a debrief with the test analyst, explaining the results and answering any questions you may have before your report is prepared.


AeroCoach is the UK's exclusive provider of the Garmin Alphamantis Track Aero System. The TAS is a game changer in aerodynamic analysis, and measures your CdA (aerodynamic drag) as you ride around an indoor velodrome, wirelessly sending the data to the analyst in track centre. This means that we can evaluate your aerodynamics live as you ride - and provide feedback without needing to end a run. This revolutionary system increases your run count considerably, letting us test more positions, more equipment and giving you the best value for money.