Frequently asked questions

Where are the sessions held?

Test sessions are held in three locations nationwide.

1. Newport International Sports Village, Newport, South Wales, NP19 4RA  MAP

2. Derby Arena, Derby, DE24 8JB MAP

3. Halesowen Cycling & Athletic Club, Manor Way, Halesowen, B62 8RW MAP

At each location there are ample parking, shower and changing facilities:

What bike can I use?

Normal road, time trial or track bicycles can be used for aero testing.

I haven't ridden the track before, is it difficult?

Riding on an indoor or outdoor velodrome is surprisingly easy - you will be given time to accustom yourself to the bankings but all riding will be done on the measurement line (black line) at the bottom of the track whilst indoors.

What do I need to bring?

Before your session you will be asked to provide information and photographs of your current setup in order to help build your session protocol. If you have particular equipment that you would like to test then feel free to bring it along. You should bring full race equipment (skinsuit, aero helmet etc.) and arrive as if you were ready to ride on race day! We provide calibrated power meters linked up to our live equipment so there is no need to have a power meter on your bike.

Can you provide equipment for me to test?

Do contact us if you'd like any specific equipment to test and we may be able to source it for you. We have a wide selection of aero helmets available to compare with your current helmet, along with other kit options such as NoPinz/AeroCoach clothing.

When should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive in good time, to be changed and ready track centre 30min before your test session. In the days before the session you'll receive a final confirmation email explaining the details of where to be and what to bring. 

What happens during the session?

Before your session you will have a short meeting with the session analyst to discuss and finalise your session protocol and directions for testing. You will then have a short acclimatisation period where you warm up on track, before performing runs (laps of the track), changing equipment or position between runs.

How much can I expect to test?

For a typical paired session we aim to complete 12-17 runs, of which some will be repeats for data quality purposes. This enables the testing of 10-14 different setups, depending on the complexity of the changes in between runs. The run count is similar for an outdoor solo session, and an indoor solo booking will increase run count by 6-8, allowing us to test a further 4-5 setups.

What happens afterwards?

After your session your report will be created and emailed to you within 10 days, with recommendations for immediate change and also avenues to take for future testing. In addition, there is a contact period with the AeroCoach team to answer any further questions you may have after your session.